Series: Found

If I happen upon a wildflower or a salamander while I’m outside, something shifts. I feel both connected to and awed by the moment. I love that feeling and it is similar to a feeling I get sometimes at museums. I have been exploring the recreation of that pop of surprise mixed with presence in my work. Some of these paintings have an element of realism added specifically as a nod to that experience.

Janet Stoeke

Janet Stoeke is a full time artist living in Fairfax, VA.  She paints to stay sane.

Photo by Suz Redfearn

Things keep changing.

So far, I think that what looks like a backward step (painting somewhat realistically again) might really be a breakthrough for me. I paint things again (trees, sky, snow on leaves) but without the “copy-what-you-see” feel. I go out, walk around, and bring home some hopeful colors, using my memory, and my phone if I …


It’s a worry, for someone like me, to have boatloads of time. When the pandemic hit, I was very uneasy. But for some reason, I have been lucky. I’ve channeled it into 48 paintings so far. I think of this windfall as a fairly magical occurrence. I am well aware of the many possibilities, and …